Let Negativity be the fuel for your Inner FIRE!

This amazing young lady has said so many things I have said in the past and still continue to say. We all get bullied everyday one time or other. What do you do with all the negatives in your life? I use mine for fuel. I have had a middle school teacher tell me I could never make it into High School. After I was close to getting my 1st Associate Degree- I went back to Laugh in his face. He had retired but the other teacher in the “Reading Room” was still there and was still in contact with him. I told her to let him know, I made it to college, never left behind- graduated at 17 yrs old and have 1 semester left to get my AA. I also told her  he was not a teach but a bully and how he bullied everyone even the assistant principle, but his ignorance will not bet me. Currently I have 2 Associates, one Bachelor’s Degree and I am back to school getting a Phlebotomy certification. Yes, I am a perpetual student… lol.

In college I had the similar situation with an instructor, at work with my bosses, as a child by other children. By 2 directors in direct marketing businesses I signed up to sell. They told me I did not want to achieve. The truth was they did not want to take the time to help guide me. So see bullies are all around us. Some times bullies pick on us because they see something Beautiful in us they lack in themselves. How sad for them. So when you get a lot of negatives words coming your way, tell the person thank you- 1st they will be really confused…lol and will get tired of you because they will notice not matter what they say you will always prevail. Next ask God to heal their hurting heart and change that hate to love, pray they get the inner peace they need so badly. As we get older, hopefully we learn and gain wisdom. This amazing young lady has help reaffirm my ignoring people’s ignorance because “We can not let others rent room in our heads!”

I will live you with this final note- Let God guide you, be strong, Love who you are, follow your dreams and all those wonderful things God has planned for you will come to be. Let those full of hate towards you be your fuel for success and for your prayers towards them. Much Love and remember YOU ARE AWESOME and SOMEONE DOES LOVE YOU!!!

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