Become a VIP Customer for our exclusive 2BR AVON Customer Program.



FREE brochure — MAILED TO YOUR HOME! I am currently working on my brochure mailing list for the new year. If you would like a brochure mailed (or dropped off if you are local to me), I would be happy to add you to my list. The Avon brochure is full of products including cosmetics, jewelry, clothing, gifts, fragrances, skin care, bath and body and more. Send me a personal message today and I will add you to receive the brochure for free for the next three months*. Please include your mailing address as well as your email. You have nothing to lose! Please note, this offer is only available to non-Avon Representatives and approval for a request to be on my free mailing list is up to our discretion.

Psst. Ask about how to get FREE Products for buying and sharing our AVON store with others!

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