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Get Free Products- Join Our Club

Do you love FREEBIES?
Do you like helping others?
Do you like to try before you buy?
Do you like to tell others of your new find?
If you answered yes to any, we are seeking adults over the age of 18 wanting to try our products. Every month qualifying members will get beauty products mailed to them.
The following is required to be an active member:
1. Must be age 18+
2. Must live in the USA
3. Send a private message with your-e-mail and phone
4. Participate by filling out an online survey completely
5. We welcome and encourage you to participate if you use other products
>>>PLEASE<<< Understand not all products are for everyone. Some people have different skin composition, therefore could be ultra sensitive to even water.
INCENTIVE***** Invite others to this page that you feel will pass the criteria and you will get some extra goodies send to you. Feel free to share this group with others. ******
Thank you so much for participating and let’s have fun 🙂


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