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Find your Sole Mate and more

Find your Sole Mate and more. See what shoes, bags and accessories we have in store. 



How many of you have a shoe addiction? I know I do. Come check out the many shoe fashion we have in store for you. These are our trendiest shoes for our new fashion line this year.


We carry everything from boots, to flats, to heels and slippers. So don’t your passion for new shoes escape you. Visit our e-store today. You deserve to love yourself .


Also don’t forget the hand bags. I actually have this utility bag in Blue and LOVE IT!!!. I carry everything but the kitchen sink in it. If you have a business such as mine or need room for your business info, this is the bag to have. You can also use this bag for a diaper bag as well, while looking fashionable (moms can still look kool). My Brochure fit the four (4) outside pockets like a glove. All you Teachers, Business owners, DM business owners, Moms or other, click here to get this bag before it’s gone.


Let’s not forget to complete the look with hats and scarves.

I have a scarf addition (don’t tell my husband – ha, ha) But honestly, look at these wonderful pattern and the colors are AWESOME! These scarves have a way to make any outfit stand out. Not to mention the prices point is wonderful. To see more visit



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