Avon for your home as well


Did you know that Avon has more than make up. Check out the new home decor we have to offer. I must confess, Avon is my new Home Decor addiction, I mean look at the wonderful items we have. The great things is that we offer high end name brand items at a fraction of the cost. Click on the pictures to see what else we have…… so excited!!!

Yes organizing our space is important and what a cute and classy way of doing so. The marvelous thing is that our children could pick up after their-selves with this wonderful bins.

I saw this same style mirror in the home decor department of a big boxed chain home improvement store for about $60. We are selling them for $40 (nice, save money to buy more decor, YES!)

our obsession BLEND IN We love the idea of whipping up something fresh like super soups, savory sauces or divine dressings. Now it's a cinch with this easy immersion blender. It even helps put a new spin on healthier meals you make yourself so you can can the canned goods. CUISINART IMMERSION HAND BLENDER includes measuring cup;  plastic/metal, dishwasher safe  (beaker and shaft), $34.99 #AvonLiving #Kitchen #Campaign 20-23 Visit my online store @ www.youravon.com/amartinez8866:


Yes, you are seeing correctly, we have Cuisinart appliances. I have my Cuisinart immersion hand blender and LOVE IT!!!! I paid less than $35 for mine.





If you are always on the go but want to eat healthy, here are the perfect containers to carry your home made meals. I love these containers because they are easy to store and carry.

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