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Celebrate Other’s Blessings

Are things not going your way and may seem as you can never get ahead. One way you can help yourself is by Celebrating Other’s Blessings. When you celebrate another’s person success, you shine a light against selfishness, greed, hatred and envy. It takes a mature person, a believer of a Loving God and the golden rule; to understand this concept.

When you are sincerely happy for other’s triumphs, your successes will begin to prosper. Envy, greed, hatred and selfishness are poisonous to our soul, person, those around you, your potential to success, and your immediate environment (or Zen).

Free yourself from this cycle, enemy, poison- whatever you may call it, but be rid of it. They way to fight darkness is with Light. Go rejoice, find 10 million and 1 ways to celebrate other successes, because when you do, you all win.  Also remember, there are more valuable riches than money-  Love, Fellowship and Inner Peace can not be bought, Only God (karma, the universe, a higher power- whatever you believe in) can give it to you.

This is an opportunity to be inspired, not to feel defeated. We all need a mentor, someone to look up to, a model- so learn how they did it and emulate it for yourself. Once you get there, on the path, bring someone else along and become their mentor.

Things you can do to pull it off is 

  1. Look for opportunities to celebrate others!

  2. Create a daily gratitude list

  3. Be aware of your jealousy

  4. Start with the people you love then use same strategy with others (yes, even your enemy, which will be no longer)

  5. Mentor others

I challenge all of US to go celebrate someone today!!!

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