Celebrating Strength, Community

Not just Makeup

Sometimes we ask the age old question, why am I here on Earth? I personally like to think God put us here to care and love one another. The situation like today has brought that to the fore front to me.

Did you know more children and elderly are doing without food everyday? It is harder to put money away as time passes by, but we have to make an effort. Sometimes life happens and it becomes hard to do so. It is hard getting older but when you, your partner or both are having a debilitating illness, it becomes even harder.  I hope you take some time to help those around you especially our seniors, if you are lucky you can become one as well. Remember it’s not always about the money, it about the relationship and the miracles we get from it that matters.

I would like to share the part many people do not know about me. This is something that is very intimate to me and don’t tell others about. You will have a rare glimpse of the me only family (maybe) knows about me. I would also like my child to know what we should do as a follower of Christ.

Please click this link and I hope you enjoy the short video.

It’s more than Makeup, It’s caring about the community

Below I have listed some resources that can help guide you. Be Blessed ~ Rose-Marie and Evie, 2BeautyReps 💞 💞

Need assistance, click the links below. Please don’t be afraid or ashamed to ask for help. There are others that would love to help.

  1. Meals On Wheels America
  2. Florida Shine
  3. Department of Elder Affairs
  4. Senior Connection Center
  5. Service Provider for Seniors
  6. Seniors First Inc.
  7. Catholic Charities of Central Florida
  8. Polk Elderly Services
  9. Senor Ombudsman Program
  10. Florida Medicaid/Food Stamps Program

Be in the know…..

  1. Alzheimer’s Association
  2. Dementia
  3. Depression
  4. Early Signs of Elderly Depression




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