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Help for an academically struggling child.

I have been many things in life such as a daughter, social worker, nursing student, bartender, mental health counselor, friend, aunt, sister, fur mom and wife to name a few. I must say my most rewarding role, after being a child of God, is being a mom. It has been the most rewarding job I have and will ever have, until grand kids come, but I have many years before that happens. It has been challenging at times because I don’t want to see my child hurt, sad or struggle. I know it is part of life, but when the system pressures us to perform a certain task as the same time as everyone else, it negates individualism. We seem to forget if God wanted us all the same we would all look the same.

Sadly enough the educational system does not help very well with struggling children. I have seen how hard it is to be a student from the perspective of a child myself growing up, to being a teacher of special needs students and currently a home-school mom with a child that is struggling. I too was a victim of pressuring my child with “you must be able to read at grade level” and realized I was in the wrong. I should have know better especially when I have a BA in Applied Behavioral Science (ABS) and an AS in Early Childhood Education and Management (ECE). As an alumni of the ECE program, I was taught children need to be children and learn through play. Some how when they enter kindergarten we seem to forget that and expect them to be adult drones.

I believe I have finally smarted up and decided to continue home-schooling my child, because the “experts” aka school system was not doing any better with my child. In fact, my child was regressing. It has been a challenge that I embrace with open arms because it has helped me grow and be the better version of a mom I can be for my child. I am learning patients not because society says I should, but because that beautiful little miracle God has bestowed upon me needs me to. I have learned that the fear and hate of reading instilled in me as a 1st grader, no longer has to fell that way. I can really help my child learn that reading is fun and full of adventures. Really learning in general can be fun. As a mom, I will do everything I can to continue home-schooling my child for as long as I can with God’s grace. I can’t dismiss the fact that my husband, my child’s dad, is on board with our child’s success. When I say success is in the context of what is best for our child, not the world’s interpretation. I believe success should be measure by process not product.

I am not saying everyone should home-school, well my bias side thinks everyone should, because I know is not for everyone (both parent and child). What I am saying is be patient, learn how to help your child, become the best pestiest advocate you can be but most of all listen to your child’s cry (which can be extremely loud or extremely quiet). As adults sometimes we hate to admit we were kids once and might have had the same struggles. If you never experience it, then maybe it is time you learn to listen and think of ways you can help you child be the best version of them they can be.  Remember not everyone can be Eisenstein and there is nothing wrong with being who they are. One finally note, please have fun learning and growing together.

God Bless and much love

~ Rose-Marie

“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.”- Plato


Theorist/Founders of teaching/learning styles (a few to help you get started) Look them up and read about their theory on child development and education.

  • Jean Piaget
  • Maria Montessori
  • Charlotte Mason
  • Reggio Emilia
  • Rudolf Steiner (Waldorf)

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