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Skin care cream: Refrigerate or Not?


Age old question. Should I put my skin care products in the refrigerator or not?

The answer to that question it is totally up to you. The benefit of doing so is that it may extend the life of the cream. The real plus is that it will cool your face and sometimes, especially in the summer could be a heavenly thing.

The best product to put in the refrigerator would be the eye cream, like the Anew Clinical Eye Lift Pro Dual Eye System.

Whether or not you choose to refrigerate your products is up to you and how you prefer your creams, serums, and treatments to feel against your skin. Always read the products’ ingredients labels to make sure they can be refrigerated.  A cream or gel formulated to de-puff tired eyes would best benefit being in cooler temperatures. The cold helps to vasoconstrict the vessels which may help with puffiness and reduce that tried look. Do you chill your Avon products and if so which Avon product do you chill?



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