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What’s in your basket?

city bicycle in the middle of forest trail

What’s in your Basket?

What basket? I don’t carry a basket. What type of question is that? I am sure most of you maybe thinking this is an odd question. I assure you there is a reason for my madness. Did you know our soul, our inner being is a basket. Think about it. We are peace makers, warriors, forgivers, grudge holders, liars, thieves, healers, pray warriors, etc. We are and have the capability to be so many things.

Let’s imagine for a moment, you are in this wonderful paradise and there are many things surrounding you. You have a basket where you can collect a number of things. You have twigs, flowers, shells, sand, dirt, fruits, berries, stones, feathers etc. What will you do with all of these trinkets you have collected in this journey of yours. You can choose to make something wonderful or choose not to. You may complain of what you have or feel blessed with what’s before you.

The same thing happens with what we call life. We collect so many trinkets in this journey we call life. Sometimes we collect not so good things and sometimes we collect  Glorious wonderful things. We decide what we want to take out of our basket and use it in that moment for whatever purpose we feel it is needed at the time. No one’s journey on this earth is all rainbows and unicorn, although I like to think mine is at times 😉, but we have to make the best we can while we’re here visiting.

I am not perfect but I try to take out the wonderful trinkets I have found in my journey thus far. These trinkets are the gift of Love, Forgiveness, Understanding, Healing, Empathy, Respect, Helping, Sharing, Caring, Honesty, Humbleness, Wisdom, Guidance and once again Love. This is something Jesus has tried to teach us and it is up to us if we choose to use it. I ask that we all try to give this back unto the world and we shall receive it back from God in abundance.

I will end this with some beginning statements my friend Miss Angelica put out there…

I WILL….. Love all including myself

I CAN’T…. have anymore hate in my heart

I PROMISE….to walk in his light

I KNOW….Jesus is my savior.

Please share your I WILL, I CAN’T, I PROMISE AND I KNOW’S; you just never know who you will bless by share these in the comment below.

Be Blessed. Remember, both God and I love you because you Rock!!!!

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