Most Current Catalogs

Avon publishes a catalog every two weeks. This means you will have access to 26 catalogs a year. You will also get to see online the other catalogs we offer like the Outlet, AVON Living (our home decor, pets and kids catalog) and Mark. Be sure to check every two weeks to see what we have in store for everyone in the family, this includes our fur-babies.

How to order?

  1. What’s New and Skin Care Quiz – Want to See Feature Products, any specials and take a FREE online skin care quiz? Well you came to the right place. (click picture below)featured products
  2. Shop My Catalog – To order, you would click on the current catalog (the picture below) and have fun shopping online. (click picture below)brocure
  3. Shop My Store – Feel free to browse my e-store to see what our e-Department has in store for everyone. Click on the items you want and “add to bag.” Once you are done shopping, proceed to checkout. Also remember to request your free catalogs at this time.  (click picture below)Avon Store
  4. Quick Item Entry – If you have the item number or you want to order from the current catalog and two previous catalogs (example ordering from current campaign 3 and also back order from campaign 2 & 1).  You do this by click on the down arrow and change the campaign number. (click picture below)product number

Why shop online?

  1. More discounts and offers (exclusive online specials).
  2. Shipped faster than delivered by a representative.
  3. Free shipping with your $40 order and shipped to your home.

Coupon Codes

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 Avon Coupon Codes 2015-

Come back often to see what coupons we have.  Coupon are good for online orders only. Feel free to share these with your friends.  Remember as a thank you for being our customer, you get FREE gifts*.


  • Avon Coupon Code 2015MARCHFS25 – Avon Free Shipping on any $25 order at  2BeautyReps Avon Store Expires: midnight EST March 12, 2015
  • Avon Coupon Code 2015AVONFB20 – 20% off your online Avon order of $50 or more at  2BeautyReps Avon Store Limited Time Offer
  • Avon Coupon Code 2015AVONFB75 – 20% off your online Avon order of $75 or more at 2BeautyReps Avon Store  – Limited Time Offer
  • Avon Coupon Code 2015WELCOME – 20% off your online Avon order of $50 or more (one-time use) at  2BeautyReps Avon Store – Limited Time Offer
  • Avon Coupon Code 2015THANKYOU20 – 20% off your online Avon order of $50 or more (one-time use) at  2BeautyReps Avon Store Limited Time Offer