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FREE digital fingerprint and photo safety for Kids.

See the Flyer below for all the contact info:

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FREE AVON Products

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My motivation

This is why I do what I do. As a mom, I now understand what it means to give your life to someone. I can not imagine my life without my heroin. She is my worldly reason why I exist. I am so grateful to God for allowing her in my life. She will be… Continue reading My motivation

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No Bake Coconut Bars, Enjoy!

Oh my goodness YUM!! Home made Bounty Bars with just 3 ingredients (and no baking)! 400 g milk chocolate 3 cups shredded coconut 1 cup condensed milk Mix the coconut and condensed milk together and shape into bars. Place in the freezer for about 15-20 mins. Melt chocolate and cool slightly. Dip the coconut bars… Continue reading No Bake Coconut Bars, Enjoy!

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Time to Lash Out!

Obviously I can't go anywhere without my mascara! Order yours now and ask how to get a FREE Mascara #AvonRep #AvonMakeup #2beautyreps #Avon #makeup #mascara

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HURRY, No Taxes on Back to School items and more in Florida :)

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The true meaning of Life, At least for some of us.

Enjoy the video

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Exciting Fashion awaits you. Check out some killer styles!

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WOW, look at the wonderful sales AVON has for Campaign 17

These items below are $10 or less- WOW!!! Come and see what else AVON has to offer in Campaign 17   Click on the pictures

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Greetings, Let’s talk about beautiful skin.

Did you know that the best makeup begins with healthy skin? Begin you day with a good skin regimen. Leave the body soap for the body and begin treating your face right. Try Avon's ANEW product- Pssst Men- We have something for you as well. Let's face it everyone deserves to put thier best face… Continue reading Greetings, Let’s talk about beautiful skin.