Free Shipping and Free Returns

If you're familiar with Amazon Prime, Shoprunner is the same concept. Look who's playing with the big kids? That's right .......                                                                               … Continue reading Free Shipping and Free Returns


Avon for your home as well

Did you know that Avon has more than make up. Check out the new home decor we have to offer. I must confess, Avon is my new Home Decor addiction, I mean look at the wonderful items we have. The great things is that we offer high end name brand items at a fraction of… Continue reading Avon for your home as well

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Find your Sole Mate and more

    How many of you have a shoe addiction? I know I do. Come check out the many shoe fashion we have in store for you. These are our trendiest shoes for our new fashion line this year.   We carry everything from boots, to flats, to heels and slippers. So don't your passion… Continue reading Find your Sole Mate and more

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Bra Measuring & Sizing

We all know how troublesome it is to have a garment that does not fit right. Bras seems to be the biggest culprit for women. There are different contributors why we need to get fitted every so often: weight fluctuation pregnancy augmentation or reduction to name a few. Below I have gathered some information to… Continue reading Bra Measuring & Sizing

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The entire Bug Guard Plus line is DEET-FREE — A big plus for moms with young children. All products are suitable for the entire family and are available in scented and unscented. Who doesn’t need Bug Guard?! Sports teams, construction crew, outdoor workers, people who like to do outdoor stuff (gardening, hiking, fishing, camping, golfing, tennis,… Continue reading SHARE THE BUZZ: NOT THE BUGS

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Hello, we’re your Avon Beauty Consultants

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Get Free Products- Join Our Club

Do you love FREEBIES? Do you like helping others? Do you like to try before you buy? Do you like to tell others of your new find? If you answered yes to any, we are seeking adults over the age of 18 wanting to try our products. Every month qualifying members will get beauty products… Continue reading Get Free Products- Join Our Club

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Skin Care, the way only Avon can

Anew Skin care by AVON https://youtu.be/hrHyR1shsMw You only get one skin so take care of it. Try AVON's ANEW Skin care products today. Want a FREE Sample, send us a message with your name, number, e-mail and address; and we will be glad to send to a Free Sample. http://www.2BeautyReps.com

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FREE digital fingerprint and photo safety for Kids.

See the Flyer below for all the contact info: