AVON and Life’s Changes – Our Story

In Our journey with AVON, We have had many changes in life, some good, some bad and some that seemed bad at first but it was God’s blessing in disguise. One of the things We love about our AVON business is that I can home school or precious little gift from God.


We have face adversities in life and with the help of God, each other, our team Leader, our team and AVON’s awesome opportunities; we are able to overcome anything that comes our way. We have grown so much and still have so much more to grow. I have a saying “The day I stop Learning and Laughing is the day I am no longer Alive.”  For those that say you don’t have enough time, life is complicated now, I have no money….. all the negative excused you can think of – I ask you to PLEASE STOP! We hear from the rest of the world these words. Filter them because there are MANY MORE POSITIVE Out there cheering you on. By having something to strive for, hope, Faith in God, and a vision- I see no need for sadness (we still may buckle a bit but get back on that bull!) no need to feel hopeless and no need to feel conquered. We need to take EVERY situation as an opportunity to make you the most BEAUTIFUL, INTELLIGENT, STRONG, DRIVEN, SUCCESSFUL Person this world has Ever seen. You can be anything you want to and you MUST Believe in yourself- because when you do others will believe in you as well.

I am not saying life is always peachy, but I embrace adversities because it offers me the opportunity to be the better person I have become and continue to be in a state of FREEDOM. The more trails – the more peaceful I have become, because I have found faster ways to overcome and fulfill my goals. Each day passing, I feel more at peace, free and happy with my life. I thank God every moment for his grace, my family and the AVON Opportunity. If you want to feel the same, I can show you how you can begin your journey to a better realm in life. The beginning is to become part of our team. We can offer the tools you need and encourage you to be the best you can. A $15 investment can be a lifetime of Priceless Journeys. Visit http://www.startavon.com ref code: bobby.

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