About Us


How we started

I decided to start a business where I could love what I do and stay home with our daughter. I have worked in the Medical, Human Services, Mortgage and Education Industry for many years. I need a change and a sense of accomplishment. Not to mention the current national employment status has become unstable.


I have been an Avon fan since I was 7 years old and my grandma used AVON. Avon has been around for over 130 years providing wonderful high end products at an affordable price. This is why these many factors made me decide I wanted to do something where I can give my family financial security. So after much discussion with my husband, we decided to get into the beauty industry. We began by building our AVON business and we love what we do.


Our Blessings

​We love what AVON has to offer, not to mention the success and opportunities we have obtain from the company. One of the things we love is when our clients say they rather go without than to order from another representative. They say we treat them as family, that’s because they are our AVON Family. Nothing says love like a smile on a person’s face, the hugs you get, the tears of joy and the sense of AGAPE Love. You can say this is God’s divine way of allowing us to fellowship with one another. We have never been so bless and our lives touch by so many people we meet.

World of Opportunities 

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If you too want to experience the same  opportunities we have enjoyed- please sign up today. We love working with our team members and help them grow their business as well. Thank you and God Bless.

~ Rosemarie (Avon Lady), Evie (mini Boss) & Bobby (Avon Guy) ~ 

   For AVON Opportunity

Our Services


  • Independent AVON Beauty Consultant

  • Makeup and Color Consulting

  • Skincare Consulting

  • Image Consulting

  • Bilingual Ordained Minister/Wedding Officiant

  • Hospitality Staffing

  • Document Preparation Services

If you have any questions or want more info, please feel free to contact us

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