Celebrating Strength, Opportunity

What it means to be a parent! We are so Blessed!

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Today is a pivotal moment when you are proud to be a parent. We get to celebrate our daughter’s success in kindergarten. We are so proud of her and her hard work to make it this year. It is so amazing how fast a child grows up. One day she is 1 day old and before you can blink she is all grown up. God has blessed me to work from home to be with her and I pray I can continue to remain home with her until the day she is all grown up and can be on her own. I pray to God everyday we do the right things for her and to give us the knowledge to guide her in becoming the best God loving individual he wants us to be.

I invited an individual to her graduation celebration and this is what he had to say….

” Thank you for the invitation to Evelyn’s graduation….it truly touched me that you would take the time to consider to invite me.

I found Evelyn to be not only an intelligent and beautiful young lady on the outside…but I saw her inner beauty as well…you are truly blessed! ……….
Thank you again for the kind invitation…….
John St George”

She truly has a loving spirit. I always knew she was going to be a special and loving person, but I did not realize how much. As a parent we are responsible to help plant the seed you seek to sow when it is time to harvest an individual God could be proud of.  This special little person has won everyone heart she has met. She tells us she is proud we are her parents but she does not realized we have been extremely blessed to be her parents.  I am honored we were chosen to be her caregivers.  #God almighty, thank you for this gift I thought I was never going to have.

We love you so much ~ Mom and Dad

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