For every failure the are are many successes!

Many successful people have fail many times. They were not afraid to fail because when they did, they came back stronger. I have experience this first hand on my own and with my family. One thing I can assure you is every time I come back, it’s with a vengeance. As a family we support one another. Which makes the success even sweeter.

Here are 5 ways to stay persistent in your network marketing business (or any business):
1. Never lose focus and track your goals
2. Let doubts & stress fuel your fire
3. Embrace creativity
4. Be open to network and meet new people
5. Celebrate every success no matter how small it may seem

Never stop dreaming and visualize your dream every moment you can. Ask God, the universe or whatever power you believe in to make your goals a reality. Create a vision board to remind you what you are working towards. Believe in your heart “You Got This” because you will get it. Have faith and never lose hope. Once you lose hope you have no dreams and that is not allowed because you won’t allow it.

I know people may say, how do you know it works? The picture of our angel below is my reminder that faith, hope and prayer does work. God has listen to my requests and blessed me with so much. My mind gave up on the idea of having a family but my heart never lost faith. Hence, never give it and believe in your heart, it will come true. Click on the picture to start your journey.


(Being silly and trying out AVON lipstick samples)

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